The fire blue spinel, or sapphire, is one of the four precious stones, along with : the ruby, emerald, and diamond. These stones are all very valuable, beautiful, and treasured. Like a person, memory, or object is to someone. But we all have yet discovered our Fire Blue Spinels. The person, memory, or object, that is the gem to our eyes, the sapphire of our souls, and our fifth precious stone. PRICELESS.

{My name is Aziza. I am seventeen. I live in Canada. I love Luca. I enjoy writing stories but never seem to finish them. I am obsessed with tea and making people happy. I like feeling love gives you. I can speak English, French, words of Hausa, and I'm on Italian, Spanish and Finnish. There are so many nights I can't sleep, so I sleep sideways on my bed. I can take forever to make a decision. I like giving advice. Night is beautiful. I think everything is meant to be.}
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